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The game of golf can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – At Adaptive Golfers, we're here to help find the answers and create the game you want. Don't let yourself get discouraged or think that you don't have the ABILITY. Contact us instead.

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Product / Service #2

Your Support Is Needed For: continuation of our model program services, training for teaching professionals and golfers, special equipment needed, repair/upkeep of adaptive golf carts, equipment storage, printing, website, community outreach and special programs; social media management, expos and motivational speaking engagements, presentation materials which will proudly display our supporter’s logos, links, and information. Please help us make the difference in the lives of “differently able” men, women, and children, for we are not disabled, just “differently ABLED”. Thank you in advance for your support.

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At Adaptive Golfers, we have experienced instructors, manufacturers, and organizations working day in and day out on helping people with challenges discover the wonders and therapeutic values of golf. Find out how our services can help you get on the path to getting out to play.

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About Our mission from our founder

Gor Gianna Rojas, no obstacle is too daunting to tackle. Having been born without fingers on left hand, Gianna is known worldwide as the "One Handed Lady Golfer." She strives to bring attention to golfing success stories of people with physical, cognitive, sensory, health and age-related challenges. She does not like the word disabled. "We are all able just differently ABLED" says Gianna. Despite her own challenges, she inspires and motivates others to get out of bed and out of their head and by sharing her own story she hopes to inspire others who may question their own abilities.



Bringing the game of golf to people with cognitive, physical, sensory, health and age-related challenges.