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On a scale of 1-10 how happy would Namjoon be if someone bought him lots of crab plushies and keychains. BTS reacts to you dating Jungkook. the townsfolk are scared of the rumored werewolf said to be lurking in the forest. # bts werewolf au # bts x reader # jeon jungkook # werewolf ↳ vampire au | fluff pomp and fortunate circumstance ↳ werewolf and witch au | fluff cookies ruin diets (but cravings never stop) ↳ childhood friends au, school au | fluff aureate ♥★ ↳ hogwarts au, enemies to lovers au | fluff fire and ice ★ ↳ fantasy au, enemies to lovers au | fluff when two worlds crash together This a BTS Masterlist go ahead and request me anything. filed under: #bts #bts au #bts werewolf au #bts aesthetic #bts scenario #bts supernatural au bangtan masterlist one-shotsjungkook Collaborating With the Golden Maknae (F) taehyung Untitled (F) suga Tricky Situation Part One (M) fashion imaginesyoongi Suga clothes hoseok J-Hope Genre: Poly!AU; Werewolf!AU; Shapeshifter!AU; Fluff; Angst. Soulmate au, Werewolf au. Masterlist (finally) Here’s my masterlist guys!! Unfortunately it isn’t mobile friendly because I don’t know how to make one and honestly I just hate mobile Tumblr at this point. You looked absentmindedly at your phone’s wallpaper, him, you hiding your face in his neck, already half hidden by your winter surgical mask and huge woolly scarf shielding you from the cold and dark. Would you rather look after puppy Jimin or bunny Jungkook? Originally posted by foryoujikook. PARKSOFTMIN PROMPT MASTERLIST.

Below the cut is all the junk we’re working on. Disclaimer: literally just slight smut as always, is it even a disclaimer at this point? Jin: You boyfriend had been insinuating how horny he was from the moment he got back from practice, he was hugging you tight making sure you felt every inch of him, but when you sat on the couch watching tv and his hand slowly moved towards your crotch you put Park Jimin Masterlist. My Lunar Lover ♥★ (Magic!Werewolf!Fairy!College!AU) - Prologue , Part 1 masterlist bts masterlist jungkook masterlist its pretty empty mega masterlist all of my works are here New writer bts bts fanfiction jungkook namjoon hoseok jimin seokjin yoongi taehyung bts writing fanfiction masterlist klolipops Dawn: Chapter 1 Part 1 masterlist “I’m a werewolf. being fall, you pulled your light coat tighter around your body as a gust of wind rushed past. just an idea 😁 ur really good btw 😉 poor jimin got caught 😆 Answer: Here you go, dear♡ And thank ☾ werewolf!BTS reaction when they get jealous. Part1 Part2 Part3 ( Agent Au ) • Stories do come alive, bts bts werewolf au bts wolf au bts rm bts namjoon bts shifter au bts supernatural au bts smut bts angst bts fluff namjoon smut namjoon angst namjoon fluff bts scenarios bts imagine bts namjoon x reader bts fanfic kpop kpop smut kpop scenarios kpop imagine namjoon scenarios kim namjoon bts soulmate au bts fantasy au bts gang au bts crime au bts BTS | Werewolf!au Meeting Their Mate For The First Time Anonymous said: Hey, can you do a BTS with a werewolf au to them meeting their mate for the first time!? and maybe her reaction ? READ BEFORE ASKING ABOUT FICS AND TRAILERS A few people have asked me this, so I'll just write my answers here. Like when they are in their wolf form. doing so will be considered as MASTERLIST LAST UPDATE 03/31. The pack got together just like every night for a round of drinks and casual Werewolf’s Mate | ONESHOT - Being a young witch working at a company where you get paid to help people with your magic doesn’t sound all that bad.

his parents were hoping that he wouldn’t inherit the gene since their ancestors’ lives were difficult due to trying to keep their true selves a secret. Special Tags: x highschool!au x babysitter!au x mafia!au x vampire!au x insane asylum!au x baby kookie x vampire jun x doctor baekhyun x college!au x office!au x demon!au x werewolf!au. also, happy birthday to my other son taehyung :). warnings: werewolf!au; cliche fluff. Two Hearts Under the Moonlight series masterlist. Thank you for all the support to Bangtan Spells, we hope you enjoy the reading! PATIENT 6: KIM TAEHYUNG ““…there’s another person living inside of me and he’s the one that you should be afraid of…” ” the setting sun produced shadows of your figure on the pavement as you walked to your house, the soft chirping of the birds creating a warm feeling around you. Starts stripping as soon as he finds out you’re missing, “Taehyung, tell the pack I have to run some personal errands. Mated Under Moonlight - Sequel to Creatures of the Night; Namjoon, the world’s clumsiest werewolf, finds himself in quite the pickle when he meets a special vampire in his Creatures of the Night class. This story involves a guy making all the girls fall for him in Seoul High, but only one hasn't fallen for him, making his life more difficult, especially him, who'll soon fall in love with her, including obstacles that will arise their way in their life and bond.

and the fear that he would one day lose control and stay a wolf forever BTS AU writing prompts navi+. I groaned softly upon feeling my head pound, as well as a slight pain the my neck. Vampire Au! Werewolf Au! Mafia Au. Demon Au! You Being Kind. 31. Countdown to Halloween: Day 13 (Werewolf) Also, please listen to this (X) while reading this. Crescent Bound Series Masterlist {Mature Content} Seven werewolves. Yoongi/Suga. Namjoon.

After tripping and falling multiple times, they felt sorry for you and told you to leave. • You shot through my heart. 1 | I saw the last werewolf au reaction thing and loved it so I decided to ask for one. Kim Taehyung x reader. Kim Taehyung accidentally gets enrolled in a school inhabited by monsters and demons/angels. Boy-group masterlist. that is all. Girl-group masterlist. Masterlist Bts Recommendations Moodboards Got7 (Coming soon…) Recommendations Moodboards = hybrid au = werewolf au = vampire au = college au kittens-and-kookies liked this .

How could Jungkook so easily have given me up? And what was the deal that had been made between him and that woman? Masterlist . Jimin. a/n: really happy that my son stiles is still alive. Jin. Undecided implies I’m working on them, but haven’t put priority on it, but it’s in the wor MASTERLIST [[MORE]] KIM SEOKJINwash ‘n dry | college!au | fluff ↳ The one where Seokjin is the cute RA who catches you doing laundry at 1 AM and you both have time to kill. What will happen? Who tracks you down? Who bites you? Where does he bite you? Who locks you up? Father!BTS Mobile Masterlist • For the first part of the masterlist, click here (here for mobile) • For the second part of the masterlist, click here (here for mobile) • For the scenario list, click ColorblindSoulmate!AU BTS - Masterlist Vampire!Yoongi [Through the infinite centuries and so on] “Part 1, Part 2 ” Angel!Jimin [All of this is not a coincidence] Werewolf!Hoseok [We are the only true Kpop Masterlist [ BTS ] Face Masks | OT7 | One-Shot | Friendship | Fluff Beach day in Busan | OT7 | One-shot | Friendship [ KIM SEOKJIN ] Car wash | Fluff | Romance Intruder ↳ Werewolf AU | Angst | Werewolf training was hard as it is, but training under the rain for hours? Your body wasn’t having it. MIN YOONGIhelLO Masterlist (finally) Here’s my masterlist guys!! Unfortunately it isn’t mobile friendly because I don’t know how to make one and honestly I just hate mobile Tumblr at this point. Masterlist 💕 = fluff 💦 = angst 💥 = smut ⇢ Kim Seokjin ↳ coming soon ⇢ Min Yoongi Different You 💕💦💥 - parallel universe au ↳ Yoongi suddenly woke up in a world where he was never a member of BTS. bts bts jhope bts jimin bts jin bts jungkook bts hybrid au bts scenarios bts angst bts rm bts hobi bts hoseok bts suga bts jeongguk bts seokjin bts fluff bts angst!au bts mafia!au bts masterlist bts namjoon bts smut bts series bts min yoongi bts taehyung bts v bts scenario monsta x bts au bts min suga Masterlist ⋯ Calendar ⋯ FAQ ⋯ Ask This is to give you a general idea of when things are going to be released.

#masterlist #mobile mastelist k-poploverrr liked this valiantcookiehairdoapricot liked this BTS reacts to another member hitting on their girlfriend. A witch turns BTS into animals and you have to take care of one of them. Would you rather walk into Jungkook or Hoseok? Originally posted by kwonloveclub. Note: The masterlist is uptated from one to one month. baeoul liked this . Pairing: BTS x Female!Reader; Alpha!Reader, Beta!Seokjin, Alpha!Yoongi, Alpha!Hoseok, Alpha!Namjoon, Omega!Jimin, Beta!Taehyung, Beta!Jungkook. Get notified when BTS Masterlist --REQUESTS ARE OPEN--is updated Universes and Relationships Tag Masterlist Universes Abo au Actor au Adoption au Aeroplane au Alien au Alternate canon Alternative universes America au Andriod au Animagus au Angel au Apocalypse 0 bts-fic-collection An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works MASTERLIST. I don’t have a member picked out or anything. requested: no.

BTS react to their gf hurting her knee while dancing. BTS[werewolf] when they sort of lose control and hurt you[gf]. A pack bound by the moon. he was born a werewolf. BTS reacts to you talking to a wall after you run into it. BTS - J-Hope and Suga getting mad when their crush becomes close to masterlist. i. As requested! the mobile version of our permanent masterlist, Jimin focused. Just a reminder: the rules of this series dictate that at least one BTS member is going to die… see if you can guess which one(s).

” you grumbled to yourself, walking into the building and suddenly being greeted by a woman in a white shirt, black waistcoat and black pencil skirt, with a headset on BTS Boredom Oneshots/AU’s Masterlist. ” Your boyfriend of 7 months blurted out, covering his mouth like he said something wrong. BTS Reaction: Mate being hurt by enemy kind Vampire!AU Can you do a Got7/Bts werewolf/vampire au where he sees his gf/mate getting hurt(physically) by his enemy kind Aesthetic | Moodboards |Multifandom Julia/Brazil Requests are OPEN. All dates are subjective, but I try to stick by them. masterlist ☆ updating it every time I post something new ☆ lots of nsfw/smut (tagged M) ☆ if you ever notice someone stealing my work please report it to me ☆ as I already said pls read my guidelines For the newbies: This is a BTS werewolf!AU with rules loosely based on the MTV series Teen Wolf (I dare you to judge me). MASTERPOST. go to top. He quickly becomes friends with Jeon Jungkook, a vampire who soon develops an obsession with his blood, and later meets other guys who soon take a romantic liking to him. To add to the trouble, past secret tragedies are brought up.

You’re looking at him open mouthed and confused, because The White Wolves Series (Werewolf!AU) •(fluff) What if she doesn’t love the big bad wolf?• Ong Seongwoo •Ong Seungwoo hates humans, but White Wolves only survive if they find their human soulmate• Park Jihoon •Can you hate your soulmate? No? I’m sure I hate that I love her • The Dragon’s Starry Eyes Series (dragon shifter!AU) Masterlist We are all time travelers trying to re-create a feeling we once felt or a dream we once had. Summary: Y/N is the youngest Alpha in her compound, owning a whole village. 30. So it came to my attention that my other Masterlist is getting too long and I really don’t want to like run out of room and have to shift a bunch of things over so here I am. There is a lot, and we are doing our best to keep up with requests. Idol Au! Meeting His Crush Idol On a Show. Rest of the series can be found here. Creatures of the Night - Fluffy Fluff, Fantasy!AU, Werewolf!Namjoon x Reader. Bad Boy Au! Someone Trying Requested: Yes and honestly i am thankful <3.

filed under: #bts #bts au #bts wolf au #bts werewolf au #bts scenario #bts aesthetic BTS Imagines and Series Books Masterlist. Here you can find every single scenario we have posted to this date. How they would feel if you didn’t like to celebrate cute days like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. ☁ = Light Angst ☂ = Heavy Angst ☀ = Fluff = Smut ★ = Personal Fav • Our First and Last Ch. the dark side of the moon ♥️ X [werewolf-au] [including drabbles] BTS: Babysitting (Namjoon/ Rap Monster AU) Cuddle Tactics! (Suga/Yoongi AU) Fake Hatred (Suga/Yoongi AU) Never Ending Nightmare (V/Taehyung AU) Two Hearts, One Love (Namjoon X Jackson) Why? (Yoongi X Reader AU) EXO: Accident becomes a Date (Tao Wolf AU) Alpha’s Equal (Kris Wolf AU) Dad Issues (Suho Mafia AU) EXO Mafia Role and Rankings werewolf taehyung. . Texts: Seventeen - Woozi’s Bday is Coming Up + the Boys Need Your Help. (?) And yeah :) Thank you already!! #networkbangtan #knjnetwork #9495network #btshyungnet #rap monster #namjoon #bts #bangtan #alpha #au #scenario #angst #fluff #werewolf #werewolves #mood board #bts au #namjoon au #bts scenarios #namjoon scenario #werewolf au #black #aesthetic #networkbangtan #knjnetwork #9495network #btshyungnet #rap monster #namjoon #bts #bangtan #alpha #au #scenario #angst #fluff #werewolf #werewolves #mood board #bts au #namjoon au #bts scenarios #namjoon scenario #werewolf au #black #aesthetic BTS Vampire AU | Click & Drag Game Masterlist The Bangtan vampire clan is after you. That is until you’re made to work for the CEO of Park industries, Park Jimin, who is in need of a spell to help find his mate.

You walked into the men’s room. Sometimes it takes more than time to heal wounds. home inbox submit archive bts bts headcanons bts fanfiction werewolf!au jin suga j-hope rm jimin v jungkook kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok kim namjoon park jimin kim taehyung jeon jungkook request 80 notes Open in app A/N: I hope you guys have done the survey for the giveaway here :) #short one. Find my BTS fanfiction all linked here. 798 notes werewolf au = vampire au = college au Posted 2 years ago with 327 notes Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 — 7:59PM YouTuber au, Slice of Life au. 》 Soulmate AU where everyone has a timer, counting down to the time when they meet their soulmate. The only thing I do know is that’s it’s a Werewolf!au and I picked the title from a Hollywood Undead song😂 This was literally just something I wrote while I was high in my phone notes, so please be gentle😂😂😂 (Fluff & Smut; Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au) DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. Masterlist • For the second part of the masterlist, click here • For the third part of the masterlist, click here • For the scenario masterlist, click here Guard • Jin, Part Two • Yoongi, Part Two • Tagged: #bangtan boys #bangtan #bts #bts masterlist #bts angst #bts fluff #bts smut #bts fic #bts drabble #bts reactions #bts oneshot #jin x reader #seokjin x reader #suga x reader #min yoongi x reader #jung hoseok x reader #j hope x reader #namjoon x reader #rapmonster x reader #park jimin x reader #jimin x reader #v x reader #kim taehyung x masterlist bts bts masterlist bts fanfiction bts aus bts headcanons bts oneshots bts reactions jin bts jin kim seokjin suga bts suga min yoongi j-hope bts j-hope jung hoseok rm bts rm kim namjoon jimin bts jimin park jimin v bts v kim taehyung jungkook bts jungkook jeon jungkook Masterlist Bts “I update the masterlist with every new scenario or part. BTS reaction to being slapped after grabbing your ass.

The bruises and cuts on your legs would quickly heal, but the cold you had wasn’t going away too soon. But that was two days ago. Deep Down- by @jeonssky (mermaid au, Atlantis au, pirate au) Summary: Deep, deep, deep down the ocean there is a city filled with secrets. Taehyung teases you by wearing leather pants for a live show (Drabble) 29. Undeniable Masterlist “The moon was my first love, 1. with a shortage of food, you are cast to enter the forest to find wild foods. - mobile masterlist [LEGEND the fridge next door → apartment neighbors au call of the wild → childhood friends werewolf + human au Anonymous since your drabble requests are currently open, could i ask you if you would be willing to write a werewolf!au drabble with jin as said werewolf? if not please just ignore me lol sorry for bothering you! REQUESTS STILL OPEN :) I'm nuts, baby, I'm mad, The craziest friend that you've ever had You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong ;D #brxinmess last text: Loser Prt1 Sense8 au Masterlist → au: werewolf!namjoon → summary: last few nights, your village’s livestock have turned up mutilated. Under the Table - listed and linked under Hoseok/J-Hope not what you think before you attack bts bts ff bts au bts smut bts fluff bts werewolf bts!werewolf bts werewolf au jungkook au jungkook smut jungkook angst jungkook fluff jungkook ff jungkook fanfic bts fanfic jungkook!werewolf jungkook werewolf taehyung!werewolf taehyung werewolf jimin!werewolf jimin werewolf namjoon!werewolf namjoon werewolf Yandere Werewolf AU, masterlist bts masterlist butterfliespoison bts rm bts v bts jimin bts jungkook bts bts x reader yandere!bts yandere bts x reader bts smut Genre: Poly!AU; Werewolf!AU; Shapeshifter!AU; Fluff; Angst. 😃 ” V • When dreams come true .

⇢ a bite of sin X [vampire-au] After one fateful accident your entire life changes, but so does Jimin, leaving you bitter and lonely until you both break down. It will set the mood (also, the youtuber is an amazing musician) -Admin Kat Must Read First: [Day 13, BTS on their wedding night (Mafia AU) BTS reacting to you and your child being kidnapped (Mafia AU) BTS reacting to their daughter wanting to marry a mafia son (Mafia AU) BTS reacting to you being poor (Mafia AU) BTS reacting to you wanting Jungkook to call you noona/hyung (Wolf AU) BTS seeing your self-harm scars (Mafia AU) BTS Mafia reaction . BTS/GOT7 member names according to siri. iii. Namjoon (BTS) Werewolf king Part of my Bts halloween series. One-Shots Taehyung: Such a Baby | Boyfriend!Au ♦ ↳ You and your boyfriend, Taehyung, head to the carnival for a date but were rudely interrupted. Oya! Safety got me swooning and melting!!!!! I am a sucker for soft bts and seeing Gguk as a cute fluffy wolf instead of that dominating alpha is such a breath of relief!!! 🤧🤧🤧💜💜💜🥺🥺🥺 BTS One-shots ♕ - Smut ☁ - Angst - Fluff ♥ - Romance Jin “Omertà ♕ ♥ ☁ Moodboard by @nomoreghostie-anon ” Min Yoongi“Weekend Plans ♕ Awkward ♥ Icy Fire [Vampire AU!] ♥ ☁ GSW: Code Red BTS Masterlist / Hyung line Texts • Seokjin (Jin) -When your boyfriend cheers you up because you’re stressed about your writing and you want to give up -When you prank him that they’re cheating and (stalker au) Summary: with a looming presence that seems to follow you everywhere you go, you must decide whether or not it’s just your paranoia acting up or if something more dangerous is at play. I Didn’t Have a Choice Platonic Yoongi x Reader OC, Jimin x OC - Y/N - Apocalypse!AU, Zombie!AU . And though she doesn’t know it, she holds his heart in her hands.

You are a mermaid and BTS is on a boat. Bookstore Owner {13/07/18} Detective Werewolf (post date tbd) Vampire bts smut bangtan smut jungkook smut taehyung smut yoongi smut jimin smut hoseok smut namjoon smut seokjin smut bts vampire au bts werewolf au bts witch au jeon jungkook bts bangtan kim taehyung min yoongi bts soulmate au bangtan soulmate au park jimin jung hoseok kim namjoon kim seokjin mine* bts masterlist bts scenarios bts reactions bts fic updates/wip Basically copying this format from my personal blog. Each of them experiencing their own cycles of heat and their search for a mate. Masterlist. Sometimes fate happens in the most surprising ways. A/N: I wanted to write smthng like this for a while now so here it is; I hope yall like it bc then imma make more heh~ sry for the hiatus everyone, finals r wild. BTS reaction to you dancing to BST badly. home ask archive Masterlist Book Masterlist link 3. Hybrid au, Poly au.

bts werewolf au werewolf bts bts wolf au werewolf jimin werewolf jhope werewolf bts fic rec bts ot7 bts bts aus bts au bts smut jungkook bts jungkook bts yoongi bts masterlist bts werewolf au. You Know It All, You're my best Friend. She was born by two Omegas, and originally wanted to be killed Werewolf Jungkook for the BTS Fantasy AU requested by @aegyo4me ~ Rap Monster: (x) Suga: (x) Jimin: (x) Index Request History RULES Masterlist Selca Ships Just another kpop reaction blog run by 2 koreaboos. How to Mend a Broken Spirit series masterlist (yet to be made) OT7 BTS x reader. This secret kept only amongst themselves. Yes, i know is a heck out of a masterlist for such short content but what can i do? BTS (Normal) Reactions. Android Au. stardustinfinite liked this bts smut bangtan smut jungkook smut taehyung smut yoongi smut jimin smut hoseok smut namjoon smut seokjin smut bts vampire au bts werewolf au bts witch au jeon jungkook bts bangtan kim taehyung min yoongi bts soulmate au bangtan soulmate au park jimin jung hoseok kim namjoon kim seokjin mine* bts masterlist bts scenarios bts reactions bts fic Reactions Masterlist Updated; 1/26/18 Sorted by groups- with no specific genres~ Top to bottom = oldest to newest BTS • BTS reaction to s. Mobile Masterlist [May 12, 2018 Update] [MOBILE MASTERLIST] [[MORE]]Notes: • Smut is denoted with M • anything unlinked is a work in progress, so it is subject to change/deletion at any point • If you {This is for my kitten @taehyungsmut - I hope you all enjoy this rare Taehyung x reader anal smut sweeties }.

Clumsy 1 》 Soulmate AU where one soulmate can feel the physical pain of the other, and vice versa. Q: "Can I use your video as a trailer for my Anonymous said: Werewolf au smut with Jimin or Jungkook finding their soulmate. Royal Au. This Is War Part 2 masterlist Warning: This is there it kinda gets dark I guess. A little kiss [Seokjin] 1 2 3 》 Soulmate AU where when one soulmate blows a kiss, the other can feel it, and vice versa Requests Who FAQ/Rules Masterlist. Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo. iv. v. It will get updated constantly as we publish new works.

because it works. bold- personal favourites completed ongoing copyright: please do NOT repost, translate, or modify my works in any way, shape or form, on any platform. Silver and Blue (M) (Werewolf!AU) Pied Piper (M) (Mafia!AU) Jeon Aesthetic | Moodboards |Multifandom Julia/Brazil Requests are OPEN. All ships 💣 BTS Masterlist 💣 BTS Playing Cards Against Humanity For The First Time *NSFW* Their GF Flinches/Gets Scared During An Argument Their GF Gets Clingy When She’s Cold Their Smol GF Hides Behind Their Werewolf!au with Jin as the werewolf (Drabble) 28. She was born by two Omegas, and originally wanted to be killed BTS EXO Winner. o pole dancing • BTS reaction to a drunken confession • BTS bts bts jhope bts jimin bts jin bts jungkook bts scenarios bts hybrid au bts rm bts angst bts hobi bts hoseok bts suga bts fluff bts jeongguk bts seokjin bts angst!au bts masterlist bts mafia!au bts smut bts namjoon bts min yoongi bts series bts taehyung bts v monsta x bts scenario bts au bts min suga bts yoongi bts reactions You blinked at you sat in the parking lot outside the huge skyscraper building, peering over your steering wheel, mouth open before grumbling and opening your door and getting out “I sure as hell hope there’s an elevator. ii. bts werewolf au masterlist

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